eWizard - Mobile Content Maker

Enhance your customers’ experience with the groundbreaking digital solution to mobile content creation – eWizard

Create, update and modify interactive content and apps at any time for any devices or CRM systems

eWizard provides possibility to create and update unlimited cost-effective mobile apps to drive sales, medical marketing and market access excellence. Apps, which are easy to integrate with any CRM/CLM systems. eWizard enables anyone to develop, customize and localize eDetailing or mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices. With eWizard Mobile Content Maker you can build deeper relationships that engage customers in totally new way.

With eWizard – Mobile app builder, you can:
  • Distribute cross-platform apps to customers with a single click
  • Adapt and change apps and eDetailing according to global and local markets needs
  • Export eDetailing into any CLM tool for demonstration during face-to-face or remote call
  • Upload the ready-made eDetailing and apps for editing, replace any part or element of the project – either images, text and interactive components
  • Create apps in-house - with minimal training and without technical background

Improve relationships with doctors and patients that go beyond prescriptions and advertising

With eWizard you can build interactive healthcare content and apps to improve communication with patients and HCPs. You can create cloud-based apps and eDetailing on your own 4 times quicker due to drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates. eWizard includes interactive components, such as sliders, pie charts, patient carousel and other – there is no more need to address any digital agency. Now you can design content that reflects customer insights in an interactive way.

With eWizard digital content builder, you can:
  • Create patient Communication Apps
  • Develop healthcare cloud to engage customers on a deeper level and on any device
  • Create iPad eDetailing for medical representatives
  • Deliver targeted key-message across a variety of channels: CLM/CRM, mobile apps, websites and mailing campaigns
  • Create engaging content without any programming skills

Simplify your approval workflow, from first storyboard to ready eDetail or app

eWizard provides clear Content Approval Process that deals with all cycles of mobile content approval before publishing. The approval process is handled by assigning roles to eWizard users. To push content through your production workflow, you can automate your collaboration and use email notifications directly from eWizard, right after content is ready for the review or approval. Moreover, you can get the notifications, when someone has edited or made changes in eDetail before these changes are made public. eWizard approval process ensures digital content is correct, up-to-date and responds to the entire needs of marketing strategy.

With eWizard approval mechanism, you can:
  • Define unique workflows to suit the structure of your organization
  • Get the content you need (in the format you need it) in time
  • Automate your Collaboration and Approval Workflow
  • Discuss your content, using comments in a clear view
  • Collaborate with dozens of clients and colleagues in one place and in real time.

Collect customer feedback through dynamic KPIs and update mobile content according to that

With eWizard Pulse you can track the data on how eDetailing or apps are used during the sales rep call or f2f meeting. The data can be visualized in meaningful, actionable way and help you to make the presented materials even more customer-focused. Moreover, eDetailing can be integrated with any CLM /CRM systems. Also, thanks to eWizard integrations with Veeva and Salesforce, you can publish digital content directly into Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM.

With eWizard Pulse you can:
  • Present mobile content on the call and track real-time feedback
  • Get the right data and customer feedback inside eWizard Pulse or your CRM
  • Analyze your eDetailing or apps and gain insights into your customer needs
  • Reduce costs on CLM implementation due to smart reporting engine in eWizard Pulse

Simplifies mobile content adaptation from global offices to local affiliates

Using eWizard platform, companies can create “global template” of application or eDetailing and share it across local markets for localization and adapting according their needs. The process of localization has never been that easy: all the text can be translated in from eWizard thanks to TransPerfect translation services. All the elements of interactive components and media elements can be rapidly modified by affiliates without affecting the main “global template”. Moreover, due to content compatibility with any CLM/CRM system, global and local markets don’t need to introduce any major changes to eDetailing

With eWizard - mobile content adaptation functionality, you can:
  • Create and extend “global templates”
  • Streamline multilingual content translation thanks to TransPerfect integration services
  • Share mobile apps and eDetailing across markets for country adaptation
  • Localize instantly in eWizard or offline using the localization table
  • Modify all elements in presentation according local market requirements

eWizard provides HTML5 technology – Cobalt Engine for developers

Digital agencies use Cobalt Engine to speed up and standardize the processes of high-quality interactive presentations and mobile apps development for eWizard platform. By using Cobalt Engine as HTML5 standard, you reduce costs and minimize risks, associated with reusing content, developing HTML5 content from scratch and creating interactive components for eWizard.

Join Digital Development League and get full access to Cobalt Engine

With Cobalt Engine, you can:
  • Create advanced interactive components for eWizard platform
  • Get advantage to be recommended as high-quality content makers for worldwide Viseven customers
  • Become a part one of the biggest community of digital agencies