3 solutions for efficient eDetailing within one tool

Everyday workflow challenges seem to overwhelm us completely and prevent from focusing on the most important – our target audience. That is why a strong need of simplifying and unifying the workspace arises: to become more customer-oriented you have to pay more attention to your customers' preferences, tailor the presented content to their demands and engage them with relevant information.


eWizard is the most up-to-date platform that embodies everything you are looking for: an opportunity of personalization, capturing feedback on the go and unifying your workspace.


Unlimited templates customization turns from the myth into reality with the updated version of eWizard Web!

1. How to make a slide more interactive than ever? Add the dynamic elements in the ‘Accordion’ module.

2. Let eWizard automatically resize the downloaded images – from now on scaling, as well as cropping, is available even in the ready-made presentations.

3. Unbelievable flexibility of KPIs tracking with the new KPI types added.

4. Systematize and keep all the necessary materials at hand, uploading them to a new template with the list of PDF files.

5. Bring more sparkling personalization to your ready-made presentations, changing text color in them.


Your presentations are always where you are with eWizard Mobile:

1. Introduce changes to your presentations just in several taps due to the renewed intuitive design of the chapter ‘Gallery’.

2. Make sure that synchronization data is always relevant: as of today, you can cancel synchronization at any moment.

3. No more outdated materials – update them on demand, uploading the ready-made presentations to eWizard Online.


The unified workspace significantly saves your time – eWizard in Salesforce.com:

1. Shorten the way to your target audience – collect KPIs directly from the shared links to your presentation.

2. Make tracking SFE even more transparent due to data visualization in the chapter SFE Report.

3. Rate your time highly, unifying the workspace – authorize in eWizard using your Salesforce.com login.