5 inevitable things to make your content spark

Making plausible content

Imagine that you are to make a presentation to promote your brand new product. Firstly, you would think of this task to be a piece of cake. And then you find yourself sitting against the blank screen with a thought coming to your mind that it is not that easy. The main thing you have to face when creating an interactive presentation is content. So your utmost questions would be “How on earth am I supposed to do that? How to create sparkling content? What will make my presentation stand out from the crowd and be unique?” We’ve done some research and are ready to share some useful tips with you on this point. There are at least 5 touchpoints to make any content bright and clear.

1. Visualizing your presentation

One of the must-have components of your successful presentation is visualization. By adding visual aids, you help customers grasp the ideas you have embedded in the presentation more effectively. However, visual aids are not just images – try to put some more infographics, graphs and diagrams into it. This will surely help save presentation time during the rep’s call and thus be highly appreciated by physicians.

2. Making your content personalized

Personalizing your content means making it closer to individual customers. Remember, time for all-purpose content is gone. To stay competitive, you should tailor your data according to customers’ needs. Try to gather all the data on what they like and dislike, analyze feedback info, be ready to timely customize your presentations according to new facts, etc. Noz Urbina, a Strategic Marketing Director and Events Chairperson for Congility.com, states in his article “How to Adjust Your Content Strategy for Adaptive Content Personalization” that your main question here should be who your audience is. So keep in mind, whom you’re applying to, while making the presentation.

3. Using credible data

In order to deliver your business value to customers, you have to make them trust you. It means that data you use, must be carefully chosen and aimed at building up customer trust, as Jonathan Hinz in his article “The Power Of Customer Trust In Brand Marketing” put it. By using proven info with properly linked stats and research results, you make your customers be loyal to your brand. Frederick F. Reichheld and Phil Schefter are absolutely confident about the importance of delivering credible content in digital marketing.  They state in their review “E-Loyalty: Your Secret Weapon on the Web” that customer loyalty is by far an economic necessity.

4. Engaging your customers

According to the eBook “The 5 Principles of Engagement Marketing” by Marketo, you have to create positive continuous interactions with your customers, which can guarantee you customer engagement. If the content you use in presentations includes interactivity, then it results in long-lasting customer lifecycle. So do your best to improve the communicative potential and make your content great.

5. Structurizing the data

Last but not least, mind your way to organize information. It must be at your customers’ fingertips, meaning, easy to access and well structured. If a customer wants to take another look at your presentation, sales reps have to be ready to demonstrate any fragment of it in a second. So try to make topical lists and breakdowns with user-friendly menus and navigation panels.