5 ways video marketing helps optimize digital strategy

Providing video content to its customers contributes greatly to the success of any company, implementing digital marketing strategy. Although marketers use video materials for decades (TV advertising, for instance), only in the digital era it becomes possible to employ the wide range of video marketing tactics. They do it for brand promotion as well as for customer engagement. And it really strikes gold, as Michael Litt states in “The State of B2B Video Marketing: Demand Metric and Vidyard Present Benchmarks Report”. Some stats are revealed down here:

To be an effective tool for digital marketing campaign, video has to be embedded in all steps of your customer interaction. Dana Fugate, the Director of Content for Digital Marketing, in her article “Engaging Your Audience with Video at Every Stage of the Customer Journey” says that this process should start from funnel and go along the whole customer lifecycle. According to her, a prospect or lead, in order to become a longtime customer, must undergo several stages. They are awareness, engagement, conversion, retention and advocacy. Not to lose your customers, try to follow the next tips. There are 5 helpful key findings on how to effectively use video throughout the customer journey.

          1. Make a customer get to know your brand

At the very first acquisition stage, it is highly advisable to include video into your marketing strategy. Bill Marriott, a SAS Sr. Director of Video Communications and New Media, in his recent study “How Video Moves the Customer Journey” singles out several actions that customers may take under the influence of video. These moves are need, research, decide, buy, adopt, use and recommend. Thus, you should start employing video to familiarize prospective customers with your business. Apply a storytelling approach in your introductory videos. You must become a trusted source of information for them in this marketing field and video helps you here in the most effective way.

          2. Provide customers with more information

Once customers are already aware of your product, use video to engage your prospects. They have to decide whether to choose your brand or not – so help them make the right decision. Share your webinars and product demos via different channels. Your product must be the only acceptable solution to their challenges. Thus, video can help you increase lead generation.

          3. Use video to make customers buy

Video plays an important role at the conversion point when it comes to purchasing the product you promote. Do your best to deliver high-targeted video content to the prospects. Here video must contain well-proven data about product efficiency. You can also mention positive references from existing customers to sound more persuasive. Use your other marketing techniques as well to make your video personalized.

          4. Keep your customers engaged

Customer retention is the essential stage in digital marketing strategy. According to sales stats from Scott Tousley, a growth marketer at HubSpot, if a company increases its expenditures on customer retention by 5%, the profits will skyrocket by 25%. And video is a key - share various know-how videos with specific yet engaging features your product can possess and inform them about recent updates.

      5. Gain lasting loyalty and advocacy with your customers

At this stage of the customer journey brands should provide their customers with video data about upcoming releases of new products, offer loyalty programs, explain the advantages of cross-selling within the company. Encourage them via videos to take part in surveys and share their feedback. It helps you in generating new leads. Not to say about advocacy, when your customers are aligned with your marketing strategy by referral bonus program, which is also perfectly done by targeted video.

 Therefore, video marketing tactics can greatly contribute to your whole digital marketing strategy by enhancing customer engagement and retention. It makes your brand more creditable and deliver the product value in a more efficient way. Subscribe and get new info about upcoming products and updates.