CLM and CRM - your effective solutions for market entry

Launching new products becomes more challenging with each year. It takes a lot of time and effort to satisfy demands of modern market. If we want to stay competitive, it is necessary to deliver quality information to our target audience quicker than the others do. That is why the ability to define target audience and adapt materials for customer requirements in short terms becomes vital for company success.


CRM system and CLM platform became major solutions, providing great simplification of dialogue between pharmaceutical company and customers.


CRM - CLM solution has significantly improved the dialogue with customers by obtaining quality feedback, clear segmentation and categorization of data, understanding of current market requirements and needs of each individual client.


Dynamic KPIs presents clear view of your sales force efficiency. As a result, you receive deep insights into your customers’ requirements, providing efficient service of quality content creation.


Smart analytics system gathers up-to-date feedback, instantly synchronizes it with CLM platform and CRM system. It allows you to have the latest information from your customers.


Advanced reporting system provides the ability to track customer feedback and dynamically respond to them in future updates.


CRM tracking system records data in your sales channel, acquiring better insights of your complex sales process. Also, CRM platform eases the processing of acquired leads and helps in creating the best custom sales appeal to nurture the most profitable lead in sales processes.


eWizard eDetailing Cloud includes all the benefits of modern content management system, which allows to produce interactive content, compatible with any CLM platform. Presented functions allow not only creating interesting interactive presentations, but to use them on personal visits in CLM system, or distribute them via various communication channels, collecting feedback directly into CRM system. The abovementioned features provide deep understanding of customer requirements and allow to quickly update materials to satisfy all their needs.