CLM as a completely new way to improved dialogue with customers

In the age of digital technologies, the information exchange went to a completely new level.  Rapid software development opened doors for new features and needs.

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) systems were created as a response to the current market demands. It became a key for adaptation and fast response to dynamically changing customer needs.

Nowadays, it is hard to imagine any pharmaceutical company that focuses on market expansion and increase of profits without using CLM system. This solution greatly improves the effectiveness of marketing strategies development and provides with clear understanding what happens in the marketplace. The CLM marketing nowadays is a constant two-way dialogue between pharmaceutical companies and customers.

Quality and functionality of CLM tool always plays vital role in multichannel marketing campaigns. Digital technologies offer almost unlimited possibilities, presenting wide range of CLM systems, but also, bind you to the particular one.

The main reason is that most platforms have their own unique formats. In case of need to change CLM platform, old materials will not be available, and we will have to start all over again. Conversion of materials takes resources and creates additional difficulties in interaction between different systems.

That is why we developed eWizard eDetailing Cloud – platform, which provides versatility and flexibility in interaction with various CLM and CRM systems. eWizard is a powerful solution that transforms brand manager of pharmaceutical company into co-creator of interactive content. You can easily create, edit and export the ready content in various formats. We also implemented ability to integrate the presentations directly with the most famous CLM platforms. eWizard has simple user-friendly interface, providing fast and easy mastering of the presented features.

We are always open to our customers and constantly improve and expand the functionality of our product. Fitting the requirements of CLM pharma makes eWizard one of the most advanced cloud systems on market. Our main goal is to make our product the way you want to see it - so feel free to try it on your own. Contact us to request a free trial version.