CRM software: making customers fall in love with your brand

Being a customer is more troublesome than can seem. With brands all over the world understanding the importance of customer buying decision, compete on the basis of customer experience. And instead of simplifying our choice (out of 2 or 3 products), mess us with lots of information they consider to be “important” for us. Without asking what WE consider to be credible, value and relevant. Day by day, we are literally pressed by tons of megabytes of information and drown in it rather than find something useful. In fact, all we beg for is personalized timely information. The one we need right when we need.

A close friend of mine was engaged in sales for more than 4 years. A couple of years ago, she told me: “You know, scripts don’t work any more. I’m not sure I communicate with my leads the way they want me to. It’s too tough to predict their needs and desires. I'm even thinking of quitting my job”. Soon after our talk, her company implemented software for customer relationship management into their workflow. In several months, she was extremely delighted as she managed to close 6 (!) deals in such a short period. Would have sounded mysterious if it hadn’t been the truth noticed by most companies who started using CRM systems.

Let’s have a closer look at what customer relationship management software is, and how to get the most of it to make customers choose you instead of your competitors. Moreover, what is the most important – how not to make customers hate you for spammy information.

1. Customer relationship management software (or CRM) is not just a storage of data about each of your stakeholders. It helps to draw a picture of each customer based on previous interactions, and allows to know their needs and preferences to make the next interaction as personalized, as possible. As a result, the customer will return not once and eagerly spend more money, because each of them likes to get something unique. Something that exactly matches their desires and demands – be that information, products or services.

2. The following point comes out of the previous one – if customers love you, they will definitely advise their acquaintances, partners, colleagues, family members or friends to address you. For this very reason, all your efforts should be concentrated on creating exceptionally positive customer experience. By using smart software, customer relationship management becomes much easier, as it allows paying attention to each of them and turns each interaction with them into a value one. As a result, be ready to work harder as you will get a huge number of referrals.

3. Besides attracting more loyal customers, CRM system helps to shorten sales cycles and automate sales processes. The most pleasant news is that customer relationship management software is the best investment – it allows closing a deal faster and spending more time with each customer. The following stats proves that CRM also contributes to the growth of return on investment:

4. Most companies who have implemented free customer relationship management software into their sales processes, say that a significant increase of SFE has been noticed just in a couple of months. That is explained by the fact that all sales people routine operations are automated by CRM and they can pay more attention to each customer. Moreover, they have free access to all the data about their leads – preferences, loyalty, current needs and so on. By knowing what information to present, sales forces can improve their productivity and increase revenue.

Still struggling from inability to personalize interactions with customers? Start using customer relationship management, free your sales people from the burden of misunderstanding target audience needs and boost the commercial success, as many companies have already done. The secret is quite simple – in gaining customer adherence and making their life hard to imagine without your products and services. Don’t know, what to start with? Contact us immediately and we’ll gladly provide all the information of your interest.