Driving innovations forward: from the past to the future of digital content with eWizard

To make your customer experience an ideal one, our team is aiming to make our products better for you in every way.  Today we are proud to present the results of more than 4 years’ work on development and enhancement of the unique content management platform – eWizard. We must admit, that it is so pleasant to watch your digital child growing and becoming mature. So, we suggest you to dive into a short history of our tool and observe what has improved and how the processes of interactive content creation, editing, localization, sharing and management are streamlined.

Starting from the static pre-designed templates, eWizard has made a long way to extreme flexibility in content management. The dynamic interactive elements, available in Canvas (a slide, which you can design and fill in with any type of media content from scratch), make your presentations more attractive and personalized. Even more stunning news are that the Constructor functionality allows changing the order of the slide components and arrange them the way you like even on the static slides. Gone are the days of limits and restrictions – the latest eWizard version pushes back the boundaries of digital content creation and management.

To get more comprehensive idea of how eWizard has been improved, have a look at our infographic. To see the platform in action, contact us and request a free demo.