Easy creation and multichannel distribution of advanced mobile content with eWizard

Mobile apps market has made significant progress in healthcare over last years, becoming more business-oriented. Development of new products and solutions, which previously seemed fantastic, combined with wide spread of high-tech devices, such as smartphones, tablets and other, has opened a brand new level of interaction between pharma companies and customers.

Every brand now is looking for mobile access to information, facilitated data transmission and improved decision-making process. That is why the leading pharmaceutical companies are increasingly using modern gadgets as a tool for communication with customers and collecting of data, to provide the most efficient service.

The main advantage of eWizard app is its simplicity and versatility. Even without having any programming experience, you can create interactive HTML5 presentation for iOS or Android by using HTML5 applications builder.

Here is just a short list of eWizard features, which contribute to the unique eDetailing creation experience:

  • Powerful data gathering system dynamically captures and provides you with up-to-date feedback, presenting insight into the current customer’s needs.
  • Advanced KPIs tracking system greatly increases sales potential, allowing to perform deep analysis and modify content according to market requirements in short terms.
  • Variety of tools and the ready-made templates enables creating of high quality eDetailing.
  • Intelligent delivery and cross-channel interaction systems empower presentations distribution as a link via e-mail or in a form of micro website.

Approve digital content in real time with eWizard app, using “cooperation” function, by using which you can grant your colleagues an access to the presentation and receive real-time comments on what changes need to be made.

Powerful combination of functionalities in eWizard creates unique single workspace for your brand and product managers, ensures seamless workflow and greatly expands opportunities in product promotion. Due to this content creation and management system, you can become a co-creator of the unique HTML5 presentations and provide your customers with the engaging, relevant information only.