eWizard in 2016 at a glance: check out the most notable features

2016 has been noticeably eventful in any sense you can think of. Digital marketing is no exception. If you look closer, the recent innovations and big questions are all centered around customer centricity in content – its forms, channels and ways of creation. And yes, eWizard is the tool for exactly that – so we kept in pace and introduced quite a lot of new features. We are excited to present this year’s top new features our team can be proud of. 


Keep your digital assets organized with eWizard Global Store

For one, all the sophisticated content created in eWizard deserves to be circulating between departments for further modification and use. With the Global Store service in place, the presentations developed for/by your affiliates can be accessed by your marketers and brand managers worldwide. Handy search-by-product functionalities, ratings and comments make it easy to find and load exactly the needed presentation. As a result you get a united workspace to boost your marketing teams’ efficiency. 

Get the holistic customer view on the go with eWizard Pulse

This year has also seen the introduction of eWizard Pulse – a powerful additional tool for capturing real-time feedaback and presenting it that very moment on your tablet. The possibility to “peep” at how eDetailing unfolds is, in fact, so useful because the data is immediately made actionable. In this way you can track the slightest tendencies in customers’ attitude and embrace agility.

Introduce changes easily to multilayer slides with Components tree

Gone are the days when you needed an artist’s eye to notice all tiny/background elements on a canvas. When it comes to creating a presentation, whoever does the job deserves total control over any trifle. That’s why, while editing a slide in eWizard, you are able to address an element regardless of its position – even from the bottom layers. All you need to is to choose it in the Components tree and make the necessary changes.

Feel confident about digital security while authorizing with SingleSignOn

Security is a recognized digital challenge for 2017. The systems and protocols for gaining access to your copyrighted content are getting more and more reliable, and eWizard is part of the process. We are proud to have combined today’s high security standards with the convenience of open authorization. This way, the system will be accessed easily by those you assign the roles from their usual corporate SSO accounts.

Ensure seamless content flow and approval with direct Veeva Vault publishing

It is only natural for us to keep eWizard universally compatible. For Veeva users, there has been a notable gain: any presentation you created or edited can be easily published into Veeva Vault. Two-way email notifications ensure that the smooth approval procedure remains smooth.

Keep your media constantly at hand due to Box, Dropbox and Widen integration

Because it’s important to fuel your content strategy from multiple sources, you can now use content you have on box.com and dropbox.com as easily as media from local storages.

Construct your ideal presentations from quality media objects in Components Library

Remember this year’s discussions on which content types are most engaging? The outcome was, you need all of them, including videos, PDF, not even speaking of images. Of course you’ll want to reuse those media, as well as visual & interactive components, in different presentations (saving both time, resources and effort). With eWizard Components Library, it’s now totally possible: just pick the element you need from the library, and it will be added to your custom components list.

Reach top productivity with 100% content reuse via Template Presentation service

Of course, the benefits of reusing content are quite considerable. Still greater results are achievable when necessary modifications are made to custom templates. That’s why such emphasis has been placed on template presentations in eWizard. From now on, you get the most convenient functionality for loading, editing and previewing these bits of high-quality marketing materials.


Software is evolving as fast as marketing does – splash by splash, revolution by revolution. Our mission is to make sure you get the possibility to react and adapt to these changes easily. eWizard is meant to be the tool for crafting and activating flexible content, likewise optimizing its lifecycle.

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