eWizard: New face of single-click eDetailing creation and streamlined content flow

Mixing the power of creative and technology minds with your feedback, we have expanded eWizard functionality and changed its design to make the tool even more user-friendly (really so, tested out on alive people). Meet eWizard 0.31.0 with renewed bluish interface, which is much more pleasant for your eyesight.


You still feel that content distribution between global/local offices or departments is the tough going process? Then we have great news for you – no more. With direct publishing of the presentation into Veeva Vault, you can simplify and speed up content flow on global and local levels, as well as streamline the approval process. Easily access eDetailing presentations in a single space for editing, uploading your own templated presentations for approval and collaborative creation of interactive content by several teams.


Struggling from inability to replace some static component on the slide? Start with a clean slate and create your unique presentation from scratch by using Canvas. Simply choose the necessary elements – images, text, video, sliders, arrange them according to your preferences and add media content.


Finally, to share a presentation with multiple accounts has become as easy as a, b, c – instead of sending it to each of them separately, choose all you need to apply. Thus, you have a great opportunity to save your time on manual operations by creating a mass mailing campaign.


If you want to try new eWizard in use – download its mobile version (presentation viewer) on the AppStore or request a free trial on our official website.