eWizard – One-Click Solution to Cross-Channel Challenges

Pharmaceutical industry faces more challenges since the targeted audience permanently enlarges – physicians, nurses and patients require more personalized approach than ever. Besides, each of them prefers to receive the information via various channels, sometimes even mixing them. Recent researches prove that there exists a slight discrepancy between the supply of channels from pharma and the demand for them from customers. As we can see, pharma mostly concentrates on the conference webcasts (live streaming) and brand websites, meanwhile the current and potential consumers are looking for an educational content on independent websites, mobile apps and some patient tools.

To provide the pharma companies with the unique solution to the cross-channel and consumer-oriented challenges, we have developed eWizard – an integrated into salesforce.com platform for eDetailing creation, contact and campaign management within the CRM system. The point is that eWizard empowers delivering a right targeted key message via the customer’s preferred channel, as far as the HTML5 presentations, designed in it, can be shared as a website or via e-mail directly from the CRM.

Harnessing this multifunctional platform, you are empowered to get the unique ownership of your eContent, free of any technology limitations – working online in your CRM, offline and browsing the platform as a mobile app.  Except that, eWizard totally revolutionizes the marketing campaign, helping to get the comprehensive insight on what and how your customers want to hear and see:

1) Resource-saving mode: reduced time and money investments on developing the high-quality HTML5 presentations, based on the set of predesigned templates even if you are not a programmer.

2) Tracking KPIs becomes more efficient than ever – you can choose the essential ones only.

3) Try performing smart analytics by capturing the up-to-date feedback and instantly synchronizing it with any CLM-tool and CRM system.

4) Easy-to-use interface allows you to modify the structure, slides and text, likewise develop the new interactive presentations with the engaging content.

5) Integration into salesforce.com brings you on one page with your customer, helping to manage all the business processes directly in your CRM.

6) Increase brand awareness by automagical sharing the tailor-made presentations – you can do it via e-mail, as a website or create a sharelink and spread it among your contacts from CRM just in one click.

7) Use any iOS or Android-powered device as an environment for running your eDetailing, as well as any available CLM tool for its presentation.

Thus, eWizard enables you to deliver a meaningful cross-channel interaction with every customer, orienting on the current targeted audience needs due to the objective feedback and matching even the slightest changes in the latest market trends. Furthermore, the tailor-made interactive presentations will not only help you to drive customer centricity, but also to win loyal customers.

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