How to create a presentation that WOWs your audience?

Did you ever fall asleep during someone’s speech? I did. The problem wasn’t in the speaker or the information he presented. The trouble was in the way he presented it. Each slide of his presentation was overloaded with information. Though, he tried to present it lively, it sounded boring for the reason that audience was trying to read what was written on the screen and failed to get what the presenter was talking about. Thus, the very essence of his speech was lost.

Daily we receive huge amounts of information – scrolling news feed in social media, strolling about various information resources, receiving lots of emails. For this very reason, when someone is telling us something, we want it to be concise, clear and valuable. That can become a golden rule of any speech, any presentation, any information delivery, after all. 

Introducing any kind of information is not an easy task, which challenges each speaker to look for some free PPT presentations templates and pieces of advice.  We prepared for you a number of useful tricks to grab audience attention and keep it during the whole speech. All of them are derived from our own or someone else’s personal mistakes. We don’t want you to repeat those mistakes, so here are the hints how to make absolutely stunning presentation for free.

  1. Keep it simple and short. Don’t ever try to impress your audience with some complex notions or too much text. Let them easily catch the key message you want them to hear. And never repeat what you have put to the slide – that’s simply mauvais ton. To free presentations from prejudices, be brief. Seriously. Source: You Suck at PowerPoint! by Jesse Desjardins
  2. Support your story visually. Come on, everyone loves nice pics – cats, children, happy couples… Joking, of course, not everyone. But there, undoubtedly, is a rational sense in it. The credible facts, accompanied with bright photos, will carve into your listeners’ memory. What is even more, it will make your presentation free of that feeling of dry mouth after it’s over. NB! Bright presentation will hit the bull’s eye, if it’s not overloaded with excessive use of visual aids. Source: You Suck at PowerPoint! by Jesse Desjardins
  3. Prepare your presentation thoroughly. Doesn’t matter, whether you use free presentation templates, create slides on your own, or address a professional story maker – don’t ever grudge the time for the preparation. You have to start with the idea, then sketch the structure, choose the goal for each slide, shape the message, and only after that fill the presentation with content. Be ready to spend very much time on that. Usually, you get really impressive and engaging presentations, free from the unnecessary data, only if you prepare them hard, not right before the speech. Source: You Suck at PowerPoint! by Jesse Desjardins
  4. Provide proven facts or stats. Persuasive and engaging speech is impossible without credible information. People like to see numbers, which show that you are not dreaming, but provide them with reliable data. To support our words, here are some stats for you:
  5. Stick to the chosen style. Genuinely free PPT presentation should be in one color scheme, with one set of fonts. The main miserable mistake of most speakers is to use in the presentations as much colors, as possible. Wait, when we were talking about visual aids for attracting attention, we haven’t meant to turn your presentation into a rainbow. We have meant that it should be smooth and stylish, like Coco Chanel’s little black dress (don’t take it literally, your presentation shouldn’t necessarily be B&W).

All in all, we want you to remember one simple thing: whether you choose to shape the presentation yourself, or download the ready-made presentation templates, free it from casualty. Make it memorable, but not scary; simple, but not senseless; colorful, but not aggressive.

We wish you good luck and encourage you to share, whether the tips were useful for you.

P.S. If you still don’t know what to start with, contact us. We will gladly share some more ideas that will make your presentations spark.