How to kickstart the performance of your sales team

Sales team is a guide for the customer to the world of company`s products and services. They are literally the first, with whom customers begin to interact. That`s why sales reps’ knowledge and skills should be perfectly sharpened and mastered for any kind of situation. It is important for all members of sales team to effectively organize and manage their time, always be ready for challenging tasks, as the latter emerge every day, creating a stressful environment.


The high performance of sales team depends on different factors. However, according to the recent Salesforce.com research, success of the team can be illustrated in the next graph. As we can see, the teams, which use kpi reporting, metrics, mobile applications and devices are more productive than those, which do not. 


(Source: State of Sales report Salesforce, High performance sell more with mobile)


KPI report can display key indices of your business progress and track company`s performance. It allows to show data about time on the slide, time of presentation view, statistical data about prescriptions and sales, likewise other valuable information. That kind of data is really invaluable, as there exist three “E” of effectiveness for sales team productivity increase: Empowered with data performance, Equipped with content, Engaged with tech tools.


High data performance is what entrepreneurs need to control in their business progress and processes. KPI reports are the keys for many complex issues not only for the managers, but for company`s team. If you open the latest Salesforce Research on state of analytics, you will see how important is to monitor your activities. High-performing teams, consider the use of analytics absolutely critical for 55%, while the members of moderate teams answered “very important” (56%).


(Source: State of Analytics report Salesforce, Analytics jumps to the forefront of business strategy)


Except KPIs, high-performance of any team highly depends on the leader and the management. Phil Harkins, the Founder and Executive Chairman of Linkage, pointed out several stages and techniques for a high-impact leader to develop a great team, in his ebook “10 Leadership Techniques for Building High-Performing Teams”. It`s interesting how strong leaders implement a formula of 70-20-10 rule. What do these numbers mean?

70 – to listen 70% of time during conversation;

20 – 20% of time for asking right inquiries and understanding what is really going on;

10 – 10% of time for making summary and synthesizing of information.


While managers build the teams with the help of their leader qualities, KPI reports and analytics continue to be the right hand for sales teams.


What is KPI reporting? It is a special tool for tracking and monitoring company`s success, the results of implemented strategies and activities. It helps all big and small companies to stay competitive, empower company`s progress and tune business. 



What is a KPI report for sales team? KPI report sample could give enough information for sales team to open the path for future strategy, to understand its strong and weak points and close up the gaps. An article “The 4 most important key performance indicators for sales managers” describes 4 KPIs, sales team should track every month to reach the goals. They are “lead flow”, “number of qualified opportunities created”, “conversion rate” and “booked revenue”.


However, there is another method to improve sales force efficiency. You can empower your sales team with interactive presentations, which will allow to demonstrate company products and create impactful  brand stories. A special tool for content production – eWizard eDetailing cloud – gives you an opportunity to turn the creative concept into fascinating product presentation on your own. You do not need to have any special programming skills, as there are lots of templates and elements for making the process of presentation creation easier and faster.


Find your solution and design, enrich your presentation with animation, videos and interactive elements to engage the physician into the dialogue. Equip your sales team with innovative digital technologies and there will be no need to ask questions “what are KPI reports for sales team?”, “how to increase sales force efficiency?”, “how to improve customer relationship, engaging stakeholders in a one networking system?”.


(Source: State of Sales report Salesforce, Last look: What makes a winning sales team in 2015)