How to power interactive content with customer feedback

All of us like to get presents on different occasions. But no one will appreciate a typical gift of standard quality. That is why, we ask our relatives and friends to give us something special. Something that we really need and like to have. Such personalized presents we value much more than others. The same is true about information – nobody is happy about dealing with huge amount of irrelevant data. What can help us break through the junk information and get to the juicy content? It is customer feedback that hits the target. Hiten Shah, co-founder at Quick Sprout, mentions that customizing your content according to customer responses should be done on an ongoing basis.

What makes feedback so valuable for any company? When it is taken into account, customer insights can enhance business performance and streamline the overall marketing campaign. Chris Campbell, CEO of ReviewTrackers, notes that today’s customer feedback may take on various forms – from comments in social media and online responses to survey answers, usability tests and interactive content. Let’s take a glance at some ways customer feedback can influence and personalize marketing information.

        1. Better choice of channels

Ryan Sullivan, the founder of WP Site Care, LLC, tells us that dealing with feedback fully depends on the channel. Today’s interactive content is reaching customers across a variety of channels. Within digital campaign, marketers usually deploy a broad set of solutions: emailing, video, online advertising, etc. It is not the best decision, though - getting feedback helps you timely define the channels, which your audience appreciates most. No need to waste money on unpopular means – spread your content only on profitable ones to strike customers’ gold.

        2. Improved med reps’ performance during visits

Your sales team can make great use of analyzing feedback when planning their B2C tactics. Med reps will get a better picture of what their target audience is and what it likes to receive from your brand. Keeping in mind customers’ preferences enables your marketers to make upfront content customization. Then the tailored content goes to field force to help them build up a targeted interaction. Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, once said hat company with a focus on engaging with their customers has a growth rate three times bigger than its competitors do.

        3. Well-targeted analytics

Employing metrics and KPIs to measure your workflow performance is a great thing in business. Still, it needs improving over time, and here feedback comes into play. Collecting and analyzing customer data makes it possible to focus on actionable analytics and ignore vanity metrics. Keep in mind that the situation can change in a month or two – and new feedback will demonstrate the fluctuation. Thus, try to keep track of customer data consistently. When you already have timely feedback at your fingertips, Lars Lofgren, marketing analyst at Kissmetrics, encourages to experiment with analytics methodology to get the right combination for your business and make content more customer-focused.

        4. Increased customer engagement and brand loyalty

Salespeople with high-performance rate never leave their customers halfway, after the deal is closed (we have been talking recently about most common sales mistakes – so check it out not to repeat them with your customers). And it is feedback that helps your sales and marketing teams map customer journey. Kate Feather, managing director at CRA, Inc., advises to promptly react to all customers’ queries, compliments, and even complaints. You, therefore, can tailor your content to enhance customer experience. Moreover, when you realize the customers’ needs and desires, you can provide the audience with relevant benefits. It keeps them more engaged and loyal to your brand.

        5. Precise business prediction

To succeed and maximize your business revenue you need to make right commercial decisions and foresee their results. Don Peppers, the founding partner of Peppers & Rogers, states that randomness and uncertainty in strategy planning can spoil even the best efforts. So, anticipate your future actions with respect to customer insights you have gained. A clear understanding of upcoming campaigns lets you create efficient and genuine content.

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