iOS 8 and Android Compatible Version of eWizard app Available for SFDC Users

Just in a week or two, meet iOS 8 and Android compatible version of eWizard app that have been submitted to the AppExchange at SFDC and will be released soon.

This app will allow you to automate developing, executing, managing and sharing your latest eDetailing on the go directly from your CRM. From now on, it is integrated in SFDC that streamlines its use and makes your marketing extra quick. You are empowered to become a co-creator of efficient HTML5 presentations with no programming skills required and reduced investments on tailoring your presentations to the burning market demands, catering the specific needs of your customers. Besides, you can also automagically share them with your contacts from CRM (without logging out) via e-mail with a single tap.

Keep track of our announcements – we will inform you as soon as eWizard will be released at SFDC. Meanwhile, seize its outstanding features, watching the master class on how to use the tool.