Meet top 5 sights in Philadelphia

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We know exactly how the things are going when you attend a professional event in another city. Packing, tickets, hotel reservations, meeting appointments – with trying to keep all that in mind, you run into the airport and have really no time to explore, which interesting places or sights would be nice to visit at your destination point.


That’s why we have decided to give you a little help of ours and show some cool places you can see in one of the historically richest cities in America, Philadelphia, while attending a big professional conference Eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2015.

#1 Philadelphia Museum of Art – get inspired by the pearls of art – Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Сlaude Monet paintings. Moreover, enjoy such modern attractions as a famous Rocky sculpture and an art installation that consists of thousands of black paper butterflies, entitled Black Cloud, by the artist Carlos Amorales. The place is huge enough, so make sure you have at least 2 hours to explore all the main corners.



#2 Independence Hall – The birthplace of the Independent United States and the location, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. This place will make you feel the whole pride Americans have about the country. After visiting the Independence Hall, you can have a walk in a beautiful Independence National Historical Park.



#3 Rodin Museum – exquisite museum, beautifully laid out and containing an impressive collection of the Rodin’s sculptures. Experience the majestic Gates of Hell and the Thinker in an inspirational Parisian beaux-arts setting, with charming gardens and an air of tranquility. This special collection invites you to explore yourself in the wonderful genius of this father of all the sculptors.



#4 Philadelphia's Magic Gardens – even if you don’t expect anything extraordinary from the place – go and see it! This garden is magical indeed – it is beautifully made and really worth a visit. In the surrounding neighborhood, you also find a lot mosaic on houses and other buildings. Enjoy phrases to read, different perspectives, an interesting juxtaposition of objects, textures and colors.



#5 Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum - you should visit the place if you are in love with a fancy cars and wondering to know how ‘parents’ of Ferrari, Mercedes and Bentley looked like. See champion cars from 1927, 1938 and discover how automotive changed through the years.



In our next short article ‘Business is made in pubs’ we will tell you about the best places to chill out with the colleagues after the hard working day and where you can taste real Philly cheesesteak sandwich.