Personalized communication strategy to increase customer loyalty

Big Data and the IoT take customers much closer to products and services. At the same time, businesses have to customize their content to reach such a digital competent audience more effectively. This is where the personalization of content comes into play. Let us clear up how to enhance customer engagement by personalizing your brand content strategy.

        1. Stay customer-centric

Andrew Martin, President and Chief Operating Officer at Metia, insists that content marketing has to be customer-centric. To inform about your product’s benefits is not enough anymore. The brand content must both entertain and engage your audience. Create the attention-grabbing brand story with due consideration to the customers’ needs and interests. Building positive emotional associations with your product improves their loyalty and brand advocacy.

        2. Make your content focused and relevant

To entertain is not the only function of actionable content. To provide customers with exact and plausible answers is even more crucial. Jerry Daniels, Executive Search and Leadership Consulting expert at PACT, emphasizes the importance for content to be relevant. Unfortunately, digitalization gives us a huge amount of data, but a lack of specified content. Give your audience the precise information, which can not only meet, but even exceed all the expectations.

        3. Employ multichannel approach

Make your brand content more personalized by distributing it across various channels. According to Forrester Consulting July 2016 research, only 18% of customers are satisfied with the way brands deliver their content via digital channels. Do not squander, however, all your time and money to cover all of them. Use your marketing analytics to estimate their efficiency among the target audience.

        4. Tailor your content over time

Be consistent in the attempts to deliver the personalized content to your customers. Mary Bermel, Vice President of Global Integrated Marketing at CA Technologies, states that companies should personalize content throughout the whole customer journey – from acquisition and conversion to loyalty and advocacy. Thus, brands can have the greatest impact on gaining positive insights.

        5. Localize content to be closer to your audience

Localization helps you adapt the content according to specific cultural and linguistic features of a certain country. Sergio Restrepo, Global Digital Marketing Business Development expert at Lionbridge, underlines that this is not merely a translation. While tailoring the brand content to local markets, pay attention to regional peculiarities, which can impede your interaction. People feel satisfied when their language and mentality are taken into account.

        6. Stick to data-driven solutions

Since we live in times of Big Data, it is quite obvious to make use of digital solutions in content personalization. Peter Moloney, CEO at Loyalty Builders, is confident that data-driven approach can enhance any marketing strategy. Modern technology lets you gather, track and measure feedback to better customize your content. You can gain the real-time customer insights and personalize content on the fly. Moreover, there are innovative tools that enable you to optimize and reuse any parts of your digital content. For instance, you can reshape several slides of the eDetailing project and take them out for further localization. Discover how to make your digital content flexible in a matter of hours - request our free demo.