Social media KPI templates you should be aware of

He was terribly right by saying such a thing, because everything that can be measured, should be measured. Even more, it should be transformed into the visualized information, which can be used for further improvement of the measured values.

As we have mentioned in the previous article, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an inevitable part of measuring different business processes efficiency. So now, we will have a closer look at some other KPI templates, which should be used by each company, which does not want to spend efforts and money in vain.

Primarily it should be mentioned, that each KPI template is a specific business metric. The latter allows to monitor and assess the state of some business process, and the results it brings. If a company wants to get use of the KPIs, they should be tracked and the data, collected with their help, delivered instantly. To do so, any metric should be tracked in the real time – only on that condition it will deliver noticeable true to life results. In addition, KPI report template must be used to get the visual display of the collected data. Otherwise, the data will never be properly processed and understood.

KPIs for measuring social media activities

With more and more companies establishing and developing their social media presence, the necessity in tracking the activity on different social media platforms arises. Being present on various channels, you have mind the only thing – the virtual face of your company in social accounts is of no less importance than the overall brand image. The way you manage to engage customers, respond to their impressions and requests, will influence their attitude to your company no less than your website or face-to-face communication. Social media networks have penetrated into customer lives so deep, that each your action will either rise you to the top or drown your efforts in the tons of information, appearing on the displays each second. Here is the list of some useful metrics you should track to define whether you are managing your corporate social accounts properly:

1. The starting KPI report template for measuring the efficacy of your social media efforts is the actual engagement – number of likes/favorites, shares/reposts and so on. To put it shortly, the numbers, which help you to understand, how your target audience reacts to that or another kind of content. By defining the most popular pieces of information, you can put them into the core of your social media strategy to drive even more engagement.

2. Also, one of the important metrics is tracking the growth of your followers/group members/subscribers etc. This KPI tracking template allows to observe, whether the new potential customers are interested in the information you provide and, correspondingly, alter it, if necessary. Note, that if you are losing the people in your social media accounts, it’s the first sign you need to revise and change the strategy – maybe, you suggest them too boring or dry facts? Or, vice versa, instead of giving some value pieces of advice or solutions to their current problems, you just spam them with those cute cats?

3. The last one KPI template is about referrals and conversions. Sure, you would like to use social media accounts not just to post some funny pictures of videos. You will definitely redirect followers to your awesome website, where your products and services are presented to the best advantage. And you will definitely expect customers not just opening the page on it and closing it in a couple of seconds. You will wait for website traffic increase and growth of the conversion rates. That is why, during KPI development, template for measuring these values is of such an importance.

Without constant evaluation of what you do, you cannot discover whether you do it right. That is why in our eWizard platform, while developing the multipurpose digital content, you can get KPI templates free of charge. What is more – you can create your own custom KPI templates for monitoring values you need to. To receive more information about that – get in touch with our manager right away. If you just want some more details about key performance indicators, follow the updates on our official website.