Tips and ideas: drive customer engagement through mobile apps

The role of mobile apps is immensely growing nowadays, that’s why mostly people would feel uncomfortable without their smartphones and access to the favorite applications. Nearly everybody in the world is constantly connected to the internet and has the second virtual personality. For this very reason, the shortest way to the customers is through mobile applications, as the latter can remind of your products. Moreover, apps are one of the numerous ways to engage, involve and grow customer interest in your products and services.

Mobile app development platform enables to build applications much easier and faster. Each mobile app platform is predefined to make a unique application with the specific set of characteristics and area of usage. Choosing such a platform can be challenging, as sometimes you cannot finally decide, what those characteristics should be. From our point of view, Kate Swanger simplified our life, by pointing out five most essential app characteristics in her article “5 characteristics of winning mobile apps”. They are as follows: simple and intuitive user interface, fast loading time and high performance, extremely helpful customer support, adaptation to user`s needs, and compatibility with a mobile platform.

If your app has user-friendly interface, and your company – responsive customer support team, it will be enough for a good start. Though, the pace of modern digital world becomes too fast, so the mobile app developers will have find out some new ways to keep up with the fast changes of technology and customer demands. The programmers, likewise marketers, should also keep in mind that integration with the social networks (for example, possibility to log in to the app via one of the social media platforms), can be the first step to attract even more clients. Actually, that simplifies the customers’ digital journey and definitely wins their hearts.

In pharmaceutical industry, the latest trend of customer engagement is using interactivity. Interactive presentations with animated elements, questionnaires, videos etc. involve customer into a dialogue and are easy to create with the help of app development platform.

For example, in eWizard platform, thoroughly developed by Viseven, you can create the presentation from scratch, edit it within minutes, send for approval and distribute it through different channels of communication, including mobile applications for both iOS and Android-powered devices. The platform enables you also easily access all the materials and change the information in them at the time of need, according to the latest updates on customer’s needs and preferences. eWizard is not just a platform for app development, but a single system for shaping your communication message, its fast delivery to the customers, colleagues or key opinion leaders.

If you need some more information, be sure to sign up for a free demo and our experts will gladly share some details on how to create eDetailing or mobile app with the help of eWizard.