Updated version of eWizard Mobile for Android available in Google Play

If you are striving to handle the wide range of tasks aimed at increasing SFE within one tool; to create and process eDetailing on the go in the unified digital workspace, then eWizard Mobile for Android is the optimal solution for your workflow organization. The platform lets each user access to training med representatives, as well as automates marketing efforts and capturing the feedback.


Use all these features in eWizard Online and then synchronize and browse your eDetailing offline in eWizard Mobile:

1) Improved user experience with a wide choice of pre-designed templates that empowers you to create engaging eDetailing on the go.

2) Effortless editing of the HTML5 content even without any specific programming skills or additional resources required.

3) Get the comprehensive insight into the current customers’ needs – capture the up-to-date feedback and synchronize it with any CLM tool and CRM immediately.

4) Flexible KPIs tracking significantly increases sales efficiency, allowing to tailor the content to the customers’ preferences and burning market demands.

5) Deliver intelligent cross-channel interactions, sharing the ready-made presentations via e-mail or as a website.


Download Android compatible version of eWizard from Google Play and become a co-creator of the efficient HTML5 presentations, providing your customers with the high-quality content only.