Viseven Europe OU team at 13th Annual Eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2015

On April 7-8th a team of CLM evangelists – Viseven Europe OU – will join one of the leading pharma and marketing events Eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2015.


Our team will eagerly share more than 5-years expertise in helping the life sciences companies to reach their target audience with maximum profitability and minimized investments. We will present a kit of technology solutions for rapid eDetailing development, adjustment, approval, distribution and capturing feedback.


Cobalt is an engine for standardized HTML5 presentations development that streamlines the eDetailing adaptation to the custom CLM systems. eWizard is a cloud-based platform, integrated into Salesforce.com, empowering its users to distribute the interactive content across channels with remote collecting of feedback via the flexible KPIs. Viseven CLM is an ultimate solution to SFE increase, meaningful digital interactions with customers, multichannel coverage and specific KAM and merchandising functionalities.


Feel free to join our experts for diving into the depths of the cutting-edge technology solutions for the healthcare industry, getting deep market insight and increasing customer centricity.